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Friday, May 25, 2018

Cartoon inspirations

I think I have finally figured out one of many reasons why I got into this industry. Early on I was memorized by the cartoon characters. Long before the days of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon my Saturday mornings consisted of waking up before everyone else and watching my favorite cartoons. Many of them consisted of critters. And now.... We are the CRITTER GETTERS! I will enlighten you with additional cartoon icons in the days ahead!
This here is "Speedy Gonzales" The fastest mouse in Mexico.

Image result

Keep The sunblock on and be sure to HYDRATE!!!. Be safe and have a great Memorial day!! If you need us, we are always here to help!! 480-984-2660 or Critter OUT!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring is in the air and the critters are on the move......

                              Above- we have a bee hive in a irrigation valve box.
                              Very common in the Spring and Summer months.

                              Snakes are on the move now the weather is warmer.
                              Below- we have a rattle snake ready to strike......
                     Spring has arrived and critters are on the move. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any unwanted critters around your home and yard. If you have critter issues, we are only a click or call away. or 480-984-2660. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! Keep the sun block on and be sure to HYDRATE!!! ( it's getting hot out there!)

Monday, April 2, 2018

In the news......20 years and counting.....

We just had our story published in one of the industry magazines. Check out the link to the articular. Good stuff!!!

Monday, March 26, 2018

WOW.....20 years went by fast!!!

Well, as we get ready and gear up for our busy season, I look back and wonder where did the time go? We are celebrating our 20th year in business and if all goes well, in a few years this young man will be a full fledged Critter Getter tech. This is our son. He has grown up around the business and he will be 15 years old this summer. He has already started doing a few odds and ends for us and has a desire to earn money. As I reflect on the last 20 years, I ask myself, where did the time go? It sure went by fast!!! We have come a long way and have grown by leaps and bounds! We had a record year in 2017 and we expect 2018 to be even better. We are excited about the next 20 years and look forward to growing and serving our community even more. As our daughter is now coming of age, I hope to get her a bit more involved too. She is only 8 but has a passion for getting out and catching critters. I look forward to involving her into the mix a bit more as well. I hope to blog a bit more this year also, but I say that every year.....LOL. So as far as things go, to quote a cereal tiger "They are GREAT" We love our clients, we love our staff and we love our industry. If you need our help, we are just a click or call away. 480-984-2660 or As I get ready to wrap up the day and head out, I wanted to remind you to keep the sunblock on. It's warming up out there and we want you to stay safe!!! And remember... Hydrate...Hydrate... Hydrate!!!