AZ Critter Getters

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Plague.....Really?

Well here it is, the Plague is in AZ. It was found in Flagstaff in a colony of prairie dogs. The fleas that feed on them tested positive for the Plague. These very same fleas can jump on you and bite you as you take a nice stroll through the forest or if you set up camp near an area that may be infested. Please be very careful when out and about. This issue can spread quickly if not handled fast. Say a coyote comes along a prairie dog colony and is hungry. It starts to dig into the burrow. In return stirring up dirt and such. This could allow fleas to transfer to a new host, the coyote. Now the coyote has the very same fleas the prairie dogs have and the coyote travels much farther than a prairie dog would. So this coyote meets up with the pack, they frolic and play and then get hungry again. So now the prairie dogs passed the fleas to this one coyote, this one coyote passes the fleas to it's pack mates and now they go out and hunt down a fawn. Eating is good for the coyote and it's mates but now the dead fawn has the plague infested fleas on it too. So the coyote are full and head home to rest. Now a mountain lion comes across the dead fawn carcass and tries to get himself a little snack. Fleas jump on to yet another host and continues the spread of the plague. So now the prairie dogs have fleas, the coyote's have fleas the mountain lion has fleas and now a scientist is hiking out in the grand canyon and runs across this dead mountain lion. Finding a dead mountain lion is rare the scientist says to himself. Maybe I'll get a blood sample and take it back and test it. Well now this scientist ends up dying and the autopsy indicates the scientist dies from.... up you guessed it, THE PLAGUE!!! So it all started with a little old flea right and passed to a prairie dog, a coyote and it's pack, a dead fawn, a hungry mountain lion, a concerned scientist and who knows who or what else these fleas are infesting...... The sad thing is something like this happened several years ago up north. Moral of the story..... Be careful when you are out and about, wear bug repellent and don't mess with dead animals. If you know anyone who needs our help, we are just a click or call away. You can find us at or give us a call at 480-984-2660. Remember, Keep the sun block on!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello, Well you know its spring by all the bee attacks and bee calls we have been getting. Just yesterday a guy got the snot stung out of him. Has to be one of the worst feelings!!! I am lucky, When I have thousands of bees around me, I have a bee suite on and I feel safe. When a bystandard get nailed by bees, Run Forest...RUN!!! Go indoors as quick as you can!!! If you have any issues with bees, Call the Critter Getters, we'll get rid of the threat safely and keep you out of harms way. We are here to help!!! We are just a click or call away!!! DON'T BEE A HERO, Call us to save the day.... 480-984-2660 or Here is a link to a story on the news last night. Have a great day and remember, KEEP THE SUN BLOCK ON!!! Critter OUIT!!!