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Monday, December 5, 2011

The end of the year already???

Wow, Where has the time gone??? It has been a few months since the last Critter Getter blog. We have been very busy these last few months and have had little time to boast or blog. Lets get caught up on what has been going on around here at Critter Getter. We caught our first ever Opossum. This is very rare and I imagine it may be some time before we get another one. It was in a clients garage on the west side of town and as far as anyone can figure, it was trucked here from southern AZ. We have had a few of Bobcat services, a couple of bat and coyote calls and lots of Skunk calls this fall, and the occasional raccoon job with a generous mix of rat and mice calls. This year we have also had our fair share of scorpion calls as well, along with the usual roach, cricket, spider and ant calls. It has been a good year!!! We have Incorporated a new piece of surveillance equipment with night vision in to the Critter catching process. This has allowed us to "see" what goes on at night or what may be lurking in your attic when we are not there. This equipment is pretty cool and we are just starting to use it on more and more jobs. We are also working on a new incentive program and making some changes to our current marketing system. We have quarterly drawing from the testimonials that have been sent in. Each client who sends in a testimonial is entered into a quarterly drawing for a free service. We are looking forward to a great year in 2012 and we are excited about the new things to come. 2011 has been very good to us and if we can continue the momentum into the new year, 2012 can be our best year yet. Well, enough of the chit, chat. We've got a few things to get done around here. I usually close with, "keep the sunblock on", but not much sun today..... But no snow either!!! So I'll close with a big "THANK YOU FOR A GREAT YEAR!!!" We love what we do and we hope you do too!!! Have a great week. Hope to blog at ya a bit more often in 2012. Critter OUT!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bobcat Relocated

Here is the release of the " Resort Bobcat" Hope it works. I might have to up load it to youtube 1st??? Just got back from the ATA convention and had a great time!!! Learned some new tricks, saw some old friends and met some new ones. Hope to have some more video to show very soon. If you need any help getting rid of critters. We are your one stop critter ridder shop. You can find us at or or or or I have several more but that is good for now. Have a great day!!! Until next time... Keep the sunblock on!!!!

Critter OUT!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Plague.....Really?

Well here it is, the Plague is in AZ. It was found in Flagstaff in a colony of prairie dogs. The fleas that feed on them tested positive for the Plague. These very same fleas can jump on you and bite you as you take a nice stroll through the forest or if you set up camp near an area that may be infested. Please be very careful when out and about. This issue can spread quickly if not handled fast. Say a coyote comes along a prairie dog colony and is hungry. It starts to dig into the burrow. In return stirring up dirt and such. This could allow fleas to transfer to a new host, the coyote. Now the coyote has the very same fleas the prairie dogs have and the coyote travels much farther than a prairie dog would. So this coyote meets up with the pack, they frolic and play and then get hungry again. So now the prairie dogs passed the fleas to this one coyote, this one coyote passes the fleas to it's pack mates and now they go out and hunt down a fawn. Eating is good for the coyote and it's mates but now the dead fawn has the plague infested fleas on it too. So the coyote are full and head home to rest. Now a mountain lion comes across the dead fawn carcass and tries to get himself a little snack. Fleas jump on to yet another host and continues the spread of the plague. So now the prairie dogs have fleas, the coyote's have fleas the mountain lion has fleas and now a scientist is hiking out in the grand canyon and runs across this dead mountain lion. Finding a dead mountain lion is rare the scientist says to himself. Maybe I'll get a blood sample and take it back and test it. Well now this scientist ends up dying and the autopsy indicates the scientist dies from.... up you guessed it, THE PLAGUE!!! So it all started with a little old flea right and passed to a prairie dog, a coyote and it's pack, a dead fawn, a hungry mountain lion, a concerned scientist and who knows who or what else these fleas are infesting...... The sad thing is something like this happened several years ago up north. Moral of the story..... Be careful when you are out and about, wear bug repellent and don't mess with dead animals. If you know anyone who needs our help, we are just a click or call away. You can find us at or give us a call at 480-984-2660. Remember, Keep the sun block on!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello, Well you know its spring by all the bee attacks and bee calls we have been getting. Just yesterday a guy got the snot stung out of him. Has to be one of the worst feelings!!! I am lucky, When I have thousands of bees around me, I have a bee suite on and I feel safe. When a bystandard get nailed by bees, Run Forest...RUN!!! Go indoors as quick as you can!!! If you have any issues with bees, Call the Critter Getters, we'll get rid of the threat safely and keep you out of harms way. We are here to help!!! We are just a click or call away!!! DON'T BEE A HERO, Call us to save the day.... 480-984-2660 or Here is a link to a story on the news last night. Have a great day and remember, KEEP THE SUN BLOCK ON!!! Critter OUIT!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rats at it again!!

Oh rats, The rats have found a new home around the ASU area and caused a power outage for a few hours. Rats can be found throuought the valley but some areas have a higher consentration then others. If you think you might have a rat or rodent issue or you have any pests causing issues, we have a solution. We are here to help!!! To read more about this story, click on the link below. Until next time, Keep the sun block on!!! Critter OUT!!! (sorry no rat pic's:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bed Bug Issues

Well the bed bug issue has hit ASU dorms. The other day a report on the news stated that bed bugs were found in tone of the dorm rooms. Here is the link to the story if you would like to check it out. If you need us for bed bugs or any additional services, please contact us at 480-984-2660 or look us up at Have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snakes on the move......

BEWARE!!! Snakes and Dangerous critters are on the move. Please be careful!!!! We don't want anyone to get hurt!!! Check out the story from the news yesterday. If you need our assistance, we are here to help. We are just a click or call away. Our # is 480-984-2660 0r . Here is the link to the story. Thank you!!!

Scorpions on the move......

Here is a story that was on the news last night about Scorpions. It is starting to warm up and the CRITTERS are coming out...... This one was found in one of our clients homes. She called us in a panic and requested we come out and remove it. We did, she was happy, and all is good!!! Check out this story and call us if you have any questions or need assistance with scorpion control. We are here to help. We are just a click or call away. 480-984-2660 or or http//

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 rabid skunks prompt advisory in Pinal County

BEWARE!!! Rabid skunks found in Pinal county. I know this is not a skunk in the photo above, but bats and other animals can carry rabies, so be on the look out!!! Here is the link to the story. If you think you might have any issues regarding rabid critters, call us or your county officials. This is not a laughing matter. Please be careful and be sure your pets shots are up to date. We can be reached at 480-984-2660 or if you have any questions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My buddy at Probest posted this today and I thought it was some good info to pass on. We hear these stories all the time of people being ripped off by this company or that. Unfortunately there are crooks out there trying to make a fast buck. We are not about making a fast buck. We are about making long lasting relationships with our clients, treating them fair, providing a valuable service, charging a fair price, understanding their needs, addressing their concerns and resolving their pest issues. We have been doing this for over 13 years now and we continue to grow!!! We must be doing something right? We love what we do and we love to help others. Be sure to tell a friend about us, they can look us up at or or they can call us directly at 480-984-2660 or 602-578-8363. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call.

Over 100 Fraudulent Pest Control Companies Pop Up in 2011 Yellow Pages

BBB News Release


Over 100 Fraudulent Pest Control Companies Pop Up in 2011 Yellow Pages

· Unlicensed and unchartered companies poised to burn consumers

· A local phone number doesn’t always mean you’re dealing with a local operator

· Names of legitimate pest control companies may have been misappropriated by the scammers

March 2, 2011 – The Better Business Bureau, The Greater Memphis Area Pest Control Association and the TN Department of Agriculture are warning consumers to be wary of untrustworthy pest control companies operating in the Mid-South. Some “local” pest control companies listed in the Yellow Pages are actually not physically located in the area, but are simply distant call centers that farm the jobs out to unlicensed and unprofessional operators who may end up doing more harm than good. The names may even be the same as or similar to some legitimate Memphis area companies who have been operating ethically for many years.

Business identity theft (stealing a business’s name and using it as one’s own) and creating similar sounding names are two tactics of scammers to make their businesses seem more legitimate. It creates confusion in the mind of the consumer who may have heard the legitimate company’s name in the past.

According to Scott Burnett, Greater Memphis Area Pest Control Association (GMAPCA) President, a consumer who searches for a pest control company in a yellow pages directory or online may not end up with the local business they think they are contacting.

“The local yellow pages directories list over 200 pest control companies in the Mid South area. Half of those are not properly licensed or chartered to operate in Tennessee. And if you search online, you may end up with even more names,” Burnett told the BBB. “Just because a company has a local phone number and a local address in the yellow pages doesn’t mean it is a local, licensed pest control company,” added Burnett.

According to Burnett, if you look up Damn Good Bed Bug Removal Service, you’ll see that they have a local number and a local address. Unfortunately, that phone number rings into a phone bank in an undisclosed location and the address listed is actually home to a gas station.

Currently the TN Department of Agriculture requires all pest control companies to be licensed and chartered in order to do business in Tennessee. Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor with the TN Department of Agriculture, told the BBB that all pest control companies are required to maintain a surety bond and liability insurance as well as utilizing certified applicators and providing that information to the TN Dept. of Agriculture. In addition each company must have a licensee who is responsible for the supervision the certified applicators.

“A consumer can and should verify that a company has the aforementioned bond and insurance before they allow a company to make application. The information can be found at or by calling 615-837-5148,” Seabolt said.

The Greater Memphis Area Pest Control Association has a website, , listing all its members, who are not only licensed but also attend regular education and training meetings in order to provide consumers with the most effective and up to date treatments and options. Burnett said the GMAPCA has retained counsel to try and get these fraudulent numbers disconnected.

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South offers the following tips for hiring a reputable pest or termite control company:

Check out the company’s record with the BBB
Contact the TN Department of Agriculture to insure the company is licensed and chartered
Visit for a list of licensed, bonded & chartered companies who are members of the National Pest Management Association, TN Pest Control Association and the Greater Memphis Area Pest Control Association.

About BBB BBB is an unbiased non-profit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Businesses that earn BBB accreditation contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. BBB provides objective advice, free business BBB Reliability ReportsTM and national charity BBB Wise Giving ReportsTM, and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust. To further promote trust, BBB also offers complaint and dispute resolution support for consumers and businesses when there is difference in viewpoints. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 125 BBBs serve communities across the U.S. and Canada, evaluating and monitoring more than 3 million local and national businesses and charities. Please visit for more information about BBB. BBB Contact: Nancy Crawford 901.757.8627 901.213.7809
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We are here to help!!!

Wow, two blogs in one day!!! I really wanted to introduce you to Karen. She is a single mom with 5 children. We were out to her new house last week helping her build it. In collaboration with Habitat for humanity and our coalition of churches, we are helping build a new home for her and her kids. We here at Critter Getter's, have donated 6 months of free service to her and her family. This will really help her get rid of any critters that she may bring with her from her old apartment and it will get rid of any that have made themselves comfortable at the new place. Her home should be done in mid May and she should be moving in shortly there after. She was really hoping for Mothers Day, but the contractor said that would be pushing it. I hope to get out there another time or two to help with the finishing touches. She is a really neat lady, and it is a pleasure to be able to help out where we can. If you want to join us in helping this family, contact me at or call our office at 480-984-2660. Thank you!!! Chris :)

Where does the time go???

Oops, I haven't been blogging to much here lately. Please forgive me, I have been pretty busy!!! ( That's okay, nobody really reads this anyway) We are already into the 3rd week of March and things have been picking up at a steady pace!!! I have had to outfit our newest service truck and I have been doing several proposals and inspections. It feels good to be getting out and getting dirty. Don't get me wrong, I like the office work too, but this time of year, I could spend the entire day out in the field. It is so nice out!!! I really need to focus on some marketing here foe the spring. I intend to add another tech this spring and some new additional accounts would help the process along. Well, I have to run. I have to go check on some skunk trapping and tie up some loose ends because our techs are going to be at a skill training seminar tomorrow. I hope ya'll have a great week and I look forward to doing this again soon!!! Don't forget to tell a friend and get a free service for yourself. They can look us up at or Also...Don't forget to..... Keep the sunblock on and the greasy side down!!!! Critter OUT............

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doodlebugs, not just a cute saying!!!

Did you know there really is a bug called the Doodlebug. Yes it is true, it is also known as an Ant Lion. Ant Lions and Doodlebugs, Have you ever been walking along on some sandy soil, perhaps a path through the woods, a vacant lot, or some bare area under a tree, and looked down to see numerous little round pits in the sand? These little depressions could range from one to three inches in diameter, and dozens of them could be present in just a few square feet – depending on how good the pickings are in that location. As a curious child I would stop to investigate, and with a small twig or piece of dry grass stem I would poke around at the bottom of that pit. Much to my surprise, now and then something would fling a little bit of sand back at me, so now I absolutely HAD to see what was down there. You have to be quick now, for once it is disturbed the resident insect in that pit will quickly go deeper, but with luck you might be able to dig out a little “doodlebug”, the larva of an insect called an Antlion.
The name ant lion is derived from the habit of the doodlebug larva to prey on ants and other small insects that may stumble into its pit. The sandy soils they choose for their pits are perfect traps for crawling insects like ants, which have difficulty climbing back out once they have tumbled in. As they try to climb back up the steep walls the sand continues to slide under their feet, and they continually end up back at the bottom. The doodlebug itself has a hand in this, for it quickly detects the presence of the ant in its pit by the bits of sand falling to the bottom. Immediately the doodlebug begins flinging sand by using its massive jaws (mandibles), and this bombardment adds to the difficulty the ant has in removing itself from this trap. Once the ant tumbles to the very bottom of the pit the doodlebug clamps its jaws around the ant and drags it under, where it then is consumed. Ant “lion” is a very descriptive name
Its other more colorful name of “doodlebug” is also appropriate, and it refers to the squiggly patterns these insects make on the top of that sand as they move from place to place. Their huge mandibles make walking while facing forward nearly impossible, so they walk backwards, dragging their mandibles behind them. Walking in a straight line seems to be difficult for them, so they end up moving in various directions, leaving behind the meandering line which reminds us of our “doodling” on a piece of paper, perhaps as we sit through a long phone conversation.
Despite its fearsome appearance in these images, we have to recognize that this is a very small insect, and it is not capable of harming people. The jaws are strong enough to capture a tiny ant, but far too small and weak to pinch our skin. The adult antlion feeds on a variety of foods, such as nectar, pollen, or even other small insects, depending on the species of antlion. The adult is often mistaken for more familiar insects such as damselflies or caddisflies. It has two pairs of very long wings, a long, thin body, and relatively short antennae. But, unlike damselflies the antlion adult is a very weak flier, moving about in a fluttering motion. They may often be attracted to lights at night, and you will see them resting on the wall of your front porch. Most species are only about 1 to 2 inches long in the adult stage, but in the southwest, such as in Arizona, there is a giant species called, appropriately, the Giant Ant Lion – Vella fallax – which has wings that may be more than 3 inches long, giving it a wingspan of over 7 inches.
Antlions are in the insect family Myrmeliontidae, with a variety of different species, some with habits very different from the typical sand-pit kinds. There is one species found in the southern states whose larva inhabits tree holes of the burrows of turtles. Other kinds may just hide out in any available crevice, and lunge out to snatch other insects that happen to walk past its hiding place. But, it is those antlion larvae that create the pits in the sand that attract our attention, and the doodlebug is perfectly built for this activity. It begins by marking out just where its pit is going to be, and then begins to dig from the outside of that circle. It piles bits of sand onto its head and then flings this sand outward with a quick movement. The “neck” behind the head is very narrow, giving it the flexibility needed for this movement. It continues to move around the perimeter of its pit until the walls of the pit are as steep as they can be without sand sliding down, and now the doodlebug buries itself at the very bottom, often with its jaws sticking out of the sand and at the ready for the first victim to fall into the pit.
The antlion larva has a little help in capturing its prey. Its mandibles are actually more like a pair of hollow straws, and as it bites into the insect in the pit it injects a bit of venom, paralyzing that other insect. Now the doodlebug can impale it with its mandibles and suck out the body juices that it ingests, and once the prey is empty the doodlebug tosses its carcass back out of the pit. Depending on the species of antlion and the availability of food, it may require up to 3 years for the larva to complete its development. It then pupates, transforms to the adult insect, and these then may live another 3 or 4 weeks.These are fascinating little insects, and they are harmless to humans and should be encouraged due to the benefit they provide in eating other insects. Some people capture the larvae and place them in a terrarium with the proper sandy soil and a food supply, and enjoy watching this little bit of nature in their own home.

I LOVE this line of work!!! It is fascinating to me that all of these little critters have a place in this world. Now when you go hiking or camping and find this little depression in the sand, you know there is probably a Doodlebug awaiting it's next meal below..... If you have any questions or wanted to look up more info about critters, you can check out our website. We have a lot of pictures and good inf about bugs at or you can try Hope this blog finds you well!!! Until next time, Keep the sunblock on!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is in the air!!!

Ahhh, It's starting to warm up again. It was 81 yesterday. Spring training baseball will be starting soon and the flowers will be starting to bloom and the birds and the bees will be doing their things too. I love this time of year. There are some real cool pic's of some bugs here at this link: It is from a photo contest. I didn't enter anything but I'm on the search for a good opportunity to snap a photo so I might enter next time. I did get a shot of the kids next to a couple of critters we just got. We have gotten 4 raccoons from this property in Scottsdale and the homeowner thinks there are still more so we are getting back out there this week to set some more traps and catch some more critters. We are also working on another job in Phoenix, where we think we have a ringtail in an attic. We just set traps today so we'll see what we have tomorrow. We are keeping pretty busy and It looks like we will only be getting busier. I am hoping to hire another tech here in the next month or two and get this other truck back on the road. But first I have to drop a few hundy on a A.C. condenser for the s-10. I have signed up with a S.E.O. company out of California. It is not to expensive and if they deliver, it will be well worth it. I'm looking at landing on the first page of when people search for key words such as, exterminator, rodent control, pest control, bee removal, bedbug control, wildlife control, roof rats, rat control, animal removal and skunk removal. These are just a few of my key words and phrases. I am going to dive into this marketing thing this year and see if we can't get some more traffic to our site's at and I just received confirmation from U.P.S. and a tracking code for our 100 yard signs. I hope I can place one in your yard!!! If you would like a discount on your service, allow us to place a yard sign in your yard for one month. We would really appreciate it and for your generosity we will save you money$$$. It's a win-win!!!!! We would love to place one in all of the cities we service, such as, The East Valley, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Queen Creek, Santan Valley, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and anywhere else. Well, I've got to run for now, but remember to keep the sunblock on!!! Critter OUT!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I-phone apps are Awesome!!!

Well, Verizon just came out with the I-phone this week and it is about time!!! I've been in the dark ages with a flip phone still and I think I might have to upgrade this year. Although I do like my flip phone I think it is pretty sweet to be able to have the technology at your finger tips that the I-phone offers. It even has a app for bug identification. You can read more about this here- There are so many apps, it's crazy!!! Just crazy I say!!!! Well I have to run, I have a bedbug service I have to go take care of. If you have any questions about bedbugs, this site has a lot of good info. Or give us a call here at Critter Getters, and we can help you out. our # is 480-984-2660 or you can find us at or the newest one is However you find us, I'm glad you did!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! Be sure to keep the sunblock on!!!! Critter OUT!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Well, Winter has reared it's ugly side and is dumping major snow and storms back East. While here in Sunny Phoenix, AZ we are feeling some of it's intended effects. It's only going to get up to the mid 40's today here. Not to bad I'd say. The famous groundhog Puxitony Phil did not see his shadow today, Of course not folks, there was no sunshine to cast a shadow. They are in the middle of a blizzard right now. Thank goodness I live here in sunny AZ!!! If you have any pest issues that need to be addressed, give us a call or look us up at or We don't get freezing cold winters here like they do back East so our bugs and critters are active all year around. If you live in the East Valley or West Valley and need pest control or exterminating give us a call @ 480-984-2660 or 602-578-8363. We would love to help you resolve your pest issues. I have included a link to the groundhog story if you care to read about it. I think that's about all for today, I usually sign off with "remember to keep the sunblock on" but today I don't think you'll need it so remember to stay bundled up!!! Have a great day and with that...... Critter OUT!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pest Control Links

Good morning blog readers, Today I'm going to attempt to try some links in my blog to see if it can increase the traffic to the site. Have you seen the video of my son getting some bees? The link is He does a great job!!! He is our up and coming Critter Getter. He so wants to go on some more bee services. He loves the line of work we are in and looks forward to some more fun adventures. I also found a good article on termite inspections. I wanted to share that link with you as well. It is right here, click on this, Okay,So if you check these out and have any questions, feel free to look us up at or call us in the East Valley at 480-984-2660 or our Metro Phoenix Area # is 602-578-8363. I have a lot on my plate today. Busy is good in my opinion!!! I think I'm going to try to market the website heavy this year and see if it can generate some good leads. Well, I have a few proposals I have to get out, so if there is no additional issues to discuss, I call this meeting adjourned!!! Remember to keep the sunblock on!!!! Critter OUT!!!! P.S. We can get all your Critters, BIG or Small...... Bees, Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Scorpions, Snakes, Skunks, and a whole lot more!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

A reason for my rhyme???

HOLY COW, Where did this month go??? Today is the last day of the month and it seems like it was just getting started not to long ago.......It is going to start warming up around here and that means bugs are going to start coming out and baby bugs are going to be born. But have no fear, the Critter Getters are here!!!! All your critters BIG or small, inside or outside, we'll get them all. Just look us up at our home address For quick critter getting call the best at 480-984-2660 we'll do the rest. I have no reason for my rhyme, other than to help you save some time. When it comes to critter getting, we are the best, so if you want, you can forget the rest. Now I don't claim to be Dr. Seuss, But my rhyming is being put to good use. If it rats, bats or cats you must rid, yes, that was the critter getters who just did. We're quick, we're tidy, we're effective and neat, when it comes to critter getting we don't miss a beat. Now, for all your pesky needs, we have tricks up our sleeves, we have this, that, and the other, so don't go crying to your mother, call the ones that are there like a big brother. The CRITTER GETTERS. You name it, we'll nab it!!!! Also check us out at In the next post I hope to have some links to incorporate, to tie all this together??? Here's to a GREAT week!!! Remember to keep the sunblock on!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

WOW....Ranked #1

WOW, This is FANTASTIC!!!!, Today I checked out where CRITTER GETTER PEST & WILDLIFE was landing on google and drum roll please.......Number 1 on the organic search list. WOW #1 I couldn't believe it!!!! This SEO stuff is crazy I say, just crazy!!!! With the search" pest control mesa, az" we are landing near the top of the 1st page just under the paid advertisers. I couldn't believe it. I had to pinch myself. My son was like "WOW dad that's cool!!!" I keep checking to see if it was a flook, and every time, BAM there it is, still at the top!!!! SWEET!!! So whatever I'm doing is working and I just need to figure out how to do it better so we land on more searches on the 1st page. It all depends on what the clients search criteria is. That's the hard part to figure out. Everyone searches the internet differently. Some search one way and some search another. There are the misspelled searches and the specific searches. I got the specific thing down. you can't be more specific than typing in but if you type in "Critter Getter pest control, we'll pop up too. But if you just type in "Critter Getter" there are a bunch of us. In Ohio, or Florida, But we are the only true CRITTER GETTERS in Arizona. Some may try to ride on our coat tails but they come up short. When it comes to getting critters, we are your one stop critter getting shop!!!! You name it, we'll nab it. We are here to help!!!! CRITTER GETTER PROTECTS PEOPLE, HOMES, & PROPERTY!!! For all your pest and wildlife needs call us at 480-984-2660 or look us up at We provide service to the East Valley, West Valley, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix the surrounding cities. We get BUGS, BEES, BIRDS, RATS, GOPHERS, SNAKES, SKUNKS, SCORPIONS and a whole lot more. If you need anything just give us a call, our friendly staff is standing by. You can reach us @ 480-984-2660 or 602-578-8363.... Remember to keep the sunblock on!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pest Control Items for sale

Good Day, I am working on getting some Items on the site to sell. I hope to have 10 - 12 Items available for purchase. Any suggestions on Items you may want to purchase would be helpful. I'm going to have, Black Lights for Scorpion control, Rat & Mouse traps for the do it yourselfer. We will also have trap stations so you can keep the kids and pets out of the trap. ( out of site out of mind, plus others don't have to see a dead rat unless you peek into the station) Plus we'll have cobweb dusters and extension poles and also oder remover bags. I hope it pans out. Then people could order items anytime they want. Maybe I'll add glue boards and cage traps too. Besides these Items we will still have our AWESOME pest and wildlife services available. So for all of your Pest Control needs, whether it's in the East Valley, West Valley, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek or Gold Canyon. We are your one stop Critter shop. You can always find us at or or give us a call @ 480-984-2660. We are here to hel[p!!! Remember to keep the sunblock on!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bug Free Superbowl Party

Well, Good Monday to you all. Looks like it's going to be the Steelers and the Packers in the Superbowl. Should be a good match up!!! Be sure to get your place serviced before the big game. I'm sure you don't want little critters crashing your party!!! Call the Critter Getters. We can take care of all your Pest Control needs before the big game. You can reach us at 480-984-2660 or look us up at or We are always here to help!!!
Hope you have a great day and remember to keep the sunblock on!!!! Critter OUT!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

East Valley Pest & Bee Control

If you know anyone in the East Valley who needs our services, have them give us a call at 480-984-2660 or look us up at We also service the West Valley too. I was just out there yesterday for a snake call. We'll get all your critters BIG or small. You name it, we'll nab it. We are here to help. Protecting People, Homes and Property. Bugs, Birds & Bees, we aim to please, and Rats, Skunks & Snakes for goodness sakes. Don't forget to tell a friend and get your service FREE!!!! Have a great day!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today we were the HERO'S!!!

Had to remove a dead rabbit from a drain pipe in a basement. YUCK!!! But when it was all said and done, the homeowner was SOOOOO happy. I was so caught up in the moment, I forgot to take pic's or video. But who wants to see a dead bunny anyway??? So I'm sure you can use your imagination if you really wanted to. Feels good to be a hero for a day. Have a great weekend. If you need any pest control or dead animals removed, call the CRITTER GETTER'S. We are here to help!!!! Critter OUT!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

East Valley Pest & Bee Control

Well, We just got some bees at a local radio station today. Winter bees, Rare but nice!!! Off to do a few inspections here in the East Valley. If you need anything, please feel free to call or check us out at We are here to help!!!! Have a AWESOME day!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here is some recent info regarding Bedbugs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We are here to help!!!

National Pest Management Association Offers Insights Into Public Perceptions About Bed Bugs

One out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or a hotel according to a new survey from NPMA released today.

"Most Americans recognize that bed bugs are back in a big way. Our survey shows that people are taking the bed bug resurgence seriously and making simple adjustments to daily routines to avoid infestations," noted Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for NPMA. "While it appears bed bugs are here to stay, it is important that the public, the government and the pest control industry work together to minimize infestations through education, building awareness and assistance."
The "Bed Bugs in America" survey offers a look at how the bed bug resurgence is impacting the lives of Americans. Here are key survey highlights:
1. Americans who have encountered bed bugs tend to be younger, live in urban areas and rent their homes. The incidence of bed bugs is three times higher in urban areas than in rural areas due to the factors such as larger population size, apartment living and increased travel and mobility which are conducive to the rapid spread and breeding of bed bugs .

2. Bed bugs have been found in all 50 states. Specifically, the pests were encountered by 17 percent of respondents in the Northeast; 20 percent in the Midwest; 20 percent in the South; and 19 percent in the West.

3. Most Americans are concerned about bed bugs and believe that bed bug infestations in the United States are increasing. Nearly 80 percent are most concerned about encountering bed bugs at hotels; 52 percent on public transportation; 49 percent in movie theaters; 44 percent in retail stores; 40 percent in medical facilities; 36 percent in their own homes, 32 percent equally pointed to places of employment and friends' homes. The fear of getting bitten topped the list of concerns.

4. As the public's awareness of the bed bug resurgence grows, many Americans are modifying their behaviors to minimize infestations: 27 percent have inspected or washed clothing upon returning from a trip; 25 percent have checked a hotel room for bed bugs; 17 percent have inspected or vacuumed a suitcase upon returning from a trip and 12 percent have altered or canceled travel plans because of concern about bed bugs.
o 16 percent inspected second-hand furniture they have brought into their homes; 15 percent have checked dressing rooms when trying on clothing and 29 percent have washed new clothing immediately upon bringing it home from a store.
o Of the 13 percent of respondents who said they knew someone who had a bed bug infestation in their home, 40 percent said they avoided entering the infested home and 33 percent discouraged those who had the infestation from entering their own home.

5. Despite widespread exposure to information, most Americans know little about bed bugs. Nearly half incorrectly believe that bed bugs transmit disease (NOTE: research conducted to date has shown that bed bugs are not vectors of disease);29 percent inaccurately believe bed bugs are more common among lower income households, and 37 percent believe bed bugs are attracted to dirty homes.
Pest professionals will also find information in the survey about where respondents would search for professional pest management services, consumer attitudes on available treatment options, and more. The survey was enabled by the Professional Pest Management Alliance.
For more information and the full industry version of the bed bug survey findings, click here. Please note a separate version of the Bed Bugs in America report is available for external audiences.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Happy 2011

Well, Here it is, a new year already..... And what a great one it is!!! I'm going to try to do regular blog posts. I'm working on SEO this quarter. So I might slip some code in where I can in hopes it will help Critter Getter Pest Control in the East Valley get better search results. I'm also going to try to add some pic's and videos. So any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best in 2011!!!! Critter OUT!!!!